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The St. Croix story has evolved over 70 years and our path has taken many different twists and turns, with some being more successful than others. But our occasional missteps have never defined us. How we have responded to them most certainly has. With a gritty determination, St. Croix built the most advanced fishing rod facility in the world and with it, a world-class brand that has earned the respect and admiration of anglers around the planet. We will continue to challenge ourselves, our employees and our partners to be the best every day.
We are proud to celebrate 70 years of passion and commitment to making the “Best Rods On Earth”.

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If there is one thing we’re most proud of here at St. Croix, it’s our service. When you invest in a St. Croix rod, you also invest in a relationship. We’ll do everything possible to ensure your complete satisfaction. We stand by our craftsmanship with some of the finest warranties in the business.



Sviluppata in via esclusiva da St.Croix, questa innovativa tecnologia ha posto le basi per un nuovo standard produttivo di grezzi per canne da pesca: la finalità è quella di eliminare i punti di transizione lungo il grezzo, così da ottenere la massima uniformità nel materiale. Questa soluzione permette di ottenere grezzi più sensibili e notevolmente più robusti, anche durante sforzi estremi.
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Precision cut, curved blank patterns create rods with better action and improved sensitivity.
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Questa sigla rappresenta lo sviluppo di una nuova fibra di carbonio multistrato, in grado di portare il grado di robustezza del grezzo ad un livello pari a circa 10 volte il normale. Questo grazie al fatto che l’innovativa tecnologia ART permette al grezzo di flettersi senza ovalizzarsi o deformarsi sotto sforzo, in particolare durante la fasi dell’azione di pesca che mettono maggiormente a repentaglio l’integrità della canna, come una ferrata potente o il combattimento con prede di grossa taglia


Advanced super-resinand blank curing system prevents microbuckling by keeping fibers in proper alignment, providing 33% increase in strength vs. standard resins.


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For the discriminating angler who appreciates exotic performance.
• Super high-modulus, high-strain graphite fiber
• Efficient material adds power with minimal weight
• Used only to complement other graphite materials, as it is too high in modulus to be used as primary material
• Includes FRS Technology
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Made for those who outfish their buddies and rely on their rods to do it.
• High-modulus, high-strain graphite fiber with carbon-matte scrim
• Produces lightest, most sensitive and strongest rods
• The finest blank material, exclusive to St. Croix
• Includes FRS Technology
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Ideal for the angler who insists on fishing only with top-grade rods.
• High-modulus, high-strain graphite fiber
• Produces extremely light and sensitive rods
• Similar to the SCV, without the carbon-matte scrim
• Includes FRS Technology
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A fine choice if you are a serious angler who demands high-performance and value.
• High-modulus, high-strain graphite fiber
• Produces sensitive and lightweight rods with great durability
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Outstanding choice for anglers who appreciate high-performance without high cost.
• Mid-modulus graphite fiber with a higher strain rate than fibers commonly used by others
• Most popular material that is lightweight, durable and sensitive, like you would expect from a St. Croix rod.
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Ideal for anglers who need moderate actions or a rod with a forgiving, flexible tip.
• Super-premium 100% linear S-glass
• Stronger and lighter than ordinary E-glass
• Creates rods with moderate actions and/or greater tip flex
The “Action” of a rod is determined by where a rod flexes along the blank. Faster action rods flex mostly near the tip. Moderate action rods flex  ore near the middle of the blank. Slower action rods flex down into the butt section.
The “Power” of a rod refers to how much pressure it takes to flex the rod. Different rod powers are engineered to efficiently handle a certain range of lure weights and line sizes. To select a rod power that will perform best for you, simply narrow your choices to rods designed to cast the weight of lures—and sizes of lines—you’ll fish with most often.